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Water Tank Cleaning Services

Whether it is overhead water tanks or main water tanks in residential, industrial or commercial buildings and townships… all of them require regular cleaning. Because, with continued usage over time accumulation of fine dirt, sloppy water can turn the water tanks into breeding ground for biological & chemical contamination.

What generally happens is that the water in the tank that evaporates as a natural process condenses on the ceiling & then again falls into the tank causing bacterial contamination. This can lead to many types of serious waterborne illnesses like Malaria, Typhoid, Jaundice, Cholera etc. as we use this grubby, sludgy, water in cooking, washing, bathing,  cleaning and so on,

Frequent cleaning of water storage tanks ensures availability of germ-free, contamination free water for all purposes, i.e. washing, cleaning, consuming etc..

SOP’S of Transformers for Tank Cleaning

  1. Sludge & dirty water removed by specific sludge sucking Pump
  2. Walls, Flooring & Ceiling of Tanks are been discalced with extensive, extra high rotary bar pressure thoroughly & keenly.
  3. Again the water & Sludge Settle down is vacuumed by industrial vacuum Cleaner
  4. Manual Scrubbing with Antibacterial Chemical to remove micro Algae from gaps of tiles & porous surfaces.
  5. Finally Ultra Violet Radiation treatment is done.

Whether you’re seeking services of tank cleaners for single homes, small or large flat schemes, townships, or commercial or industrial premises, you can discuss your requirements by calling us on +91(712) 663 1122.

We will depute personnel to visit your premise and give quote along with details of equipment & cleaning agents, length of time the process of cleaning and drying the tank will take, etc.

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