Sofa/Upholstery Cleaning & Shampooing Services

Upholstery fabrics used in our furniture is generally expensive, comes in everyday use, and thus needs looking after in terms of cleaning and maintenance. Owing to its rough and extensive usage by residents, visitors, and guests (in some homes even pets!) they get dirty and contaminated. As a result possibility of transmission of harmful bacteria cannot be ruled out. And to clean this dirt merely dusting is not enough.

If sofas and upholsteries aren’t thoroughly cleaned from time to time they may become breeding ground for germs and bacteria causing many illnesses for occupants of such homes.

Removing upholstery and washing and fixing it back isn’t a practical solution because the finish of fitting gets lost, shrinkage of fabric may create problem too. In such a situation to clean our sofa upholstery fabric and improve their life, the best solution is mechanized dry foam shampooing with specific detergent & shampoo. This is the correct process to remove dirt, revive the appearance as well as life of upholstery.

Our SOP’S for Sofa/Upholstery Cleaning & Shampooing Services

Step 1.We carry out intensive dry vacuuming with industrial Vacuum Cleaner.

Step 2.Spotting and removing stains & contaminated surface with special detergents

Step 3.Scrubbing surface with soft bristle brush, using low moist dry foam, from foam branded generator machine.

Step 4.Vacuuming with industrial vacuum twice to ensure no moisture in foam & fabric is left.

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