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Long Lasting & Safe Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing Services within Nagpur City

All carpet owners know that carpets act as a filter for indoor air pollution control. If carpet cleaning is neglected, it can turn into breeding ground for biological contaminants and pollutants; creating poor indoor air quality& potential health risks for its occupants.

Clean carpets act as filters for debris and contamination inside homes, offices, and commercial spaces. They help to hold contaminants and prevent them from circulating in the air within homes and office. However, after a point, they can’t absorb dust and pollutant as they become full beyond capacity; much like furnace filters, and requires cleaning. When you get your carpet cleaned, the carpet again becomes an agent that maintains and improves indoor air quality.

Having your carpet cleaned regularly improves the appearance as well as prolongs its life. Spots and stains can attract more soiling; and hence getting rid of them promptly protects your carpets from getting damaging and the environment.

Though dry cleaning may seem to be a much simpler solution, and a less time consuming, carpet owners need to note that it is not sufficient and 100% effective. To thoroughly clean your carpet in order to remove all the clogged dust and soil to keep your indoor environment free of harmful bacteria and disease causing micro, your carpet requires a more.

Our advanced and state-of-the-art Low Moist Extraction system promises a result that will ensure safer and healthier indoor environment for your family members, employees, and customers.

We offer two types of techniques to clean your carpets; Regular Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing & Injection Extraction Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing.

1. SOP’S of Transformers for Carpet Cleaning & Dry Foam Shampooing

Step.1. Dry & heavy vacuuming is done to remove fine dust, dirt from carpet piles & underneath Surface

Step. 2. Stains are scrubbed & spotted manually with scrubber, carpet brush &special detergent.

Step.3. Wet Vacuuming is done on the surface of stain removed surface.

Step.4. Mechanized automated dry, gentle foaming & scrubbing on entire surface.

Step.5. Final coat of intense, heavy, wet vacuuming ensures 100% moist free surface

During winters and monsoons we use special industrial driers to dry carpets.

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2. SOP’S for Injection Extraction Carpet Cleaning & Shampooing

Step.1. Dry & heavy vacuuming is done to remove fine dust, dirt from carpet piles &deep, underneath Surface

Step.2. Stains are identified, scrubbed, and spotted manually, with scrubber, carpet brush & special carpet detergent.

Step.3. Wet Vacuuming is done on the Surface of Stain removal Surface.

Step.4.Injection Extraction Machine is loaded with Carpet detergent & Cylindrical brush and is driven in reverse direction on Carpet Surface, machine injects chemical, followed by rinsing the entire carpet piles & suctioning of all the soil from carpet base.

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